10 On 10: Oh hai, July!

I’m one of 10 photographers committed to blogging 10 photos on the 10th of each month – photographs we’ve made depicting our daily lives. My talented 10 On 10 compatriots are: Anya Elise Photography, Amy Straka Photography, Button Media , CLB Creative , Courtney Z Photography, Lisa Hibbert, Pogo Photo, Shaw Photography, Twinty Photography


1.) Wildwood. I saw this book in the window of a tiny Casper, Wyoming, bookshop, and wanted it immediately. The book cover demanded my attention, and the story has held it. In the vein of Harry Potter, this is a fabulous read for adults and younger folk alike.
2. & 3.) I returned from Paris with only one memento (aside from the photographs, which shall come later): tiny heart tattoos in honor of the City of Love.

4. & 5.) This adorable pit/Boston terrier/greyhound pup is my fur niece. She keeps me company when I’m at home in Atlanta, and makes my sister so very happy.

6. & 7.) I bought this hat in Bozeman, Montana, to wear at the two outdoor weddings I was shooting. It kept me cool(ish) in the bright midday sun, and I received multiple compliments on it. I consider it a win.

8.) Joanna Basford’s Enchanted Forest coloring book. I loved to color as a kid, and feel silly for ever giving it up. When I can’t sleep, I pull out my pencils and color for a while. I highly recommend it.

9.) I visited a dispensary while in Denver, Colorado. I got gummy candies. Two thumbs up. Five stars. Highly recommended. Pairs well with the aforementioned coloring book. (Just don’t attempt to leave Colorado with them. That’s a no-no.)

10.) Inspired by Pinterest, I told my dad I wanted a bed platform build of packing pallets. He obtained the pallets, then painstakingly rebuilt each one to identical dimensions, sized perfectly for my queen mattress. I love the way it looks, and that it came from someone I love so dearly!

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XO to VSCO and Fundy!

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  1. You and I are same/same. My husband surprised me with a fancy coloring book a few weeks ago when I was mega stressed, and wow how therapeutic it is. I so agree, why did adults ever stop coloring? Love your tattoos! And your hat, and your pallet bed. And you in general. <3

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