2013 Spring Minishoots, Pt. I

Every spring and fall for the past few years I’ve hosted a day (or two) of minishoots at an Atlanta park.  It’s hard to describe the crazy fun of these days!  With only 15 minutes with each family, I’m scrambling to make babies laugh, help parents relax, and coax puppies into looking in the general direction of the camera.  I’m always exhausted when the day ends, but I can’t imagine not doing these shoots twice a year! I’m blessed to see some of the same families over and over again, and to watch their kids grow up! And every time I’m joined by a new family I’m so honored to have the chance to capture just a few minutes in their lives together.

Thank you to everyone who came out last Saturday! You all bring such a big smile to my face!  

I’ve been photographing this little family for a few years — both girls always look like they came right out of a magazine!

I love this family’s story: after adopting three gorgeous children, they found out they are pregnant! I’m so happy to be part of their story!

I got to photograph with this couple — and their two adorable puppies! — for the first time last week!

I shot this couple’s wedding, and I’ve been documenting their boys’ lives since they were born.

I shot this couple’s wedding, and now they’re two of my dearest friends on this planet. I couldn’t love their little daughter any more!

Both times I’ve photographed him, this kiddo in the middle has been so serious!  It cracks me up every time!  I swear: Caleb’s gonna be a supermodel.

I knew this girl in JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL! This was my first time meeting her sweet little family.

I shot this couple’s wedding, and love seeing their precious little boy twice a year for Minishoots!  Isn’t his little swoop haircut the cutest?

This was my first time photographing these boys, and they couldn’t have been sweeter!

I met this little guy on the left for the first time on Saturday, after photographing his family in the fall!

Running.  That’s how to get little dudes to smile!

I photographed this couple’s wedding, and now I get to celebrate with them as they anticipate the arrive of their first baby in a couple months!

LOVE the outfits Sara and Itan picked!

I’ve met Standard Poodles and Toy Poodles; these were my first Miniature Poodles!  These guys were so cool!  And can I just rave about Sarah’s bangs for a minute?!?

I might die from the cuteness.


I love watching little siblings tolerate their bigger siblings’ hugs — haha!

Without fail, at every shoot I get to see how high Max can jump!

I shot this couple’s wedding, and got to meet their new little boy for the first time on Saturday! He wasn’t feeling very smiley yet…

…but his mama remedied that!

I think Stephanie is drop-dead gorgeous. Period.

I’m love the way this family interacts! They obviously spend a lot of time laughing and playing together!

Just shy of 2, and totally missing naptime, this kiddo still gave me the cutest smiles!


I first photographed Cooper before he could walk on his own!  It’s so cool to watch these kids grow up!

This moment was one of my favorites. Their laughter, their clasped hands, the way their puppies are just chilling at their feet…

I LOVE this family! So much energy — and such awesome shoes!

Amy’s boys were so happy to jump in her lap and shower her with kisses!

Like I said: little magazine ladies!

I can’t wait to meet the new addition to this adorable family in the fall!

So much laughter!

Klein wouldn’t abandon his Bobcat for even a minute!

Caleb didn’t want to smile, but he obviously loves his daddy so much.  Look at his sweet face all cuddled up with his family!

I can’t wait to see how these brothers love each other as they grow up!


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  1. All of these pictures are so beautiful they make me want to cry! At a time in our nation when it’s so easy to be bleak, your photos feel like a breath of fresh air! Spirit renewed! Thank you!

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