7 Photos: Jason & Jeff In NYC

It’s hard to describe what it’s like to photograph not one, but two good-looking grooms. Let me tell you: it’s a TOUGH job. So tough, in fact, that when the end of the night came and I was done shooting, I continued to hang out with these handsome gentleman and share cocktails with their entire wedding party at a bar in midtown. I mean… someone has to do it.

These first few photos are from Jason & Jeff’s terrace at The Benjamin. Not too shabby!

I got to hand-pick this spot in Central Park where Jason & Jeff got married. We just wandered in, looked for some pretty light in a semi-secluded area, and set up shop. Their friends and family gathered around, and it was nothin’ but love.

After the ceremony we wandered through Central Park and made so many great photos. The next two are a couple of my favorite weird little images…

There’s really nothing more beautiful than an intimate celebration of love, with only a couple’s closest family and friends in attendance. I’m tremendously honored to have been part of Jason & Jeff’s wedding, and even more honored to now call these two friends. I have a pretty fantastic job!

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  1. You have captured two beautiful spirits and shown them as one. Thank you.

  2. We do not reach adulthood having learned everything from our fathers that we need. We look around us for models we admire. Jas and Jeff, thank you for your LOVE.

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