A Blogger’s Workshop


“Writing is fucking hard.”

This is my friend Amanda’s mantra, and the truth I didn’t know when I first embarked on this journey. Writing is fucking HARD.

But there are tricks, and tools, and techniques. I’ve found my little pathways to hammering out an essay that makes sense, or a blog post that doesn’t sound like every other blog post, or a small bit of copy for social media that actually gets some engagement.

So here’s what we’re doing:

  • I’m taking 4 of YOU (yes – only 4 people!) with me up to the attic room at Stonehurst Place in midtown Atlanta. Stonehurst Place is a writer’s dream. There are real Picassos on the walls. WHUT.
  • I’m going to share my approach, from my 3 Questions To Jumpstart Your Writing, to my editing process, to finding your authentic voice, to making shit happen with the words you write.
  • We’re all going to write together. In the same room. On cushions on the floor, on the luxurious daybed, in the cozy armchairs. We’re going to write, and read, and share, and practice – as a collective.
  • I’ll bring whiskey and wine and snacks, then when we’ve reached our limit (probably after about 3 or 4 hours), I’ll take you all to dinner. And we can talk about all the ways in which we totally failed, and all the ways in which we’re getting so much better.

WHEN: Sunday, March 1, from 4:30pm – whenever (officially, probably 8:30pm, but who’s official?)

WHERE: Stonehurst Place Bed & Breakfast in Atlanta. You guys will be traipsing up the stairs with me to my room at the inn. Mind your manners; other guests will be present. (If you want to stay overnight at the same time as me, visit their website. I think there are still a couple rooms open. Also, The Georgian Terrace is just around the corner and is a lovely hotel!)

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: People who want to write. People who need to write. People who feel like they write well, but somehow can’t get anyone to read what they’re writing. People who are bored with their blogs. People who just need to sit in a room of creatives and put something on paper.

HOW MUCH: $200. Maybe this is worth more. Maybe less. But I think this is a pretty happy number for everyone involved. Remember: snacks and booze and dinner are on me, and we’re going to be writing in a space that has housed Pulitzer-winners!

WHAT TO BRING: Bring your writing tools. If you type on a laptop, awesome; bring it. But also bring a pen and a notebook or journal or some sort of real paper. You’re gonna need it.

JOIN: If you want in, register* below, and I’ll e-mail you the final specifics. I’m excited to meet some new writerly folks and share a creative evening with you all!

*No refunds if you change your mind or can’t make it – sorry!

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