Aftershoot: Alissa + Ben

I think the best part of our job may just be the friends we make in the process.  We photographed Alissa and Ben’s wedding in 2008, and we’re now lucky enough to call them friends.  It made our trip to Washington, D.C. in September even more exciting, since we knew we would not only be photographing a gorgeous wedding, but we would also get to hang out with Alissa and Ben, who moved there last year!  Just a couple weeks before we were to leave, Ben e-mailed and asked about surprising Alissa with an Aftershoot while we were in D.C.  OF COURSE!  I knew we’d be exhausted from the wedding we would shoot the day before, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to photograph our friends again.

Alissa and Ben got all dressed up in their wedding finery (kudos to them for both still FITTING in their wedding finery!) and we went out of the town for several hours of picture-taking.

These are just a few of my favorite shots from their Aftershoot.

First stop: the subway at Dupont Circle:

I wasn’t sure if anyone would object to us taking clearly-professional photos, but no one seemed to mind.  Dan just hand-held a flash bare-bulb so that I could capture these lit shots.

On the subway, we were practically ignored, though Alissa and Ben did hear “Congratulations!” a lot.  ;)

The next two pictures are Dan’s:

Let me just say, taking pictures on a subway while it’s moving is NOT easy!

HA.  I love that Dan took this:

Dan and Ben went into a CVS to get bottles of water for everyone, so I took a few shots of Alissa by herself.  I love the light in this photo.

We made our way toward the Capitol Building, stopping along the way wherever we saw a cool spot for pictures.

We finally reached the mall, and spent about an hour back and forth between the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building.  It was SO much fun!

Another of Dan’s:

Alissa asked a local florist to create this little bouquet for her, centered around the purple cabbage.  How cool is that?

After a long conversation in which I never did understand the purpose of hiking the ball to someone else to start the play, I finally just took the picture:

Alissa wanted to try some sort of cheerleading move… but it wasn’t really working out…

So we settled for this instead:

Alissa’s bridesmaids carried these parasols at her wedding.  I loved getting to incorporate it into a few shots:

We stopped by our hotel room for a little break, and I took a few photos in the room.

I think the doormen at the hotel were REALLY confused by all the coming and going!  I’m sure they were wondering, “what kind of wedding IS this, anyway?”

Last but certainly not least, Alissa wanted some fountain photos.  How lucky that the fountain is Dupont Circle is so beautiful?  We had a little audience gather to watch as Alissa and Ben climbed into the water.  We were somewhat nervous that we wouldn’t have time to take any pictures before someone came and kicked us out, but no one stopped us!  Yay!

Liss and Ben, we love you guys!  We’re so blessed to know you!

(and Dan!)


    You two are unbelievably talented and we feel so blessed to have stumbled upon you guys just over 2 years ago…can you believe it’s been that long?!
    Fantastic work as always! Thanks again!

    PostScript: I don’t really like it when people write in all caps but joyful shock and excitement just took over me when I saw the pics :)

  2. SO FUN!!! I love all these pictures!…especially the ones in the fountain…that just looks like a blast!

  3. Having been there for the first time they took pictures in these outfits, this is SO fun to see the second go-round!

    DC is an awesome backdrop – LOVE the sunset picture with the Washington Memorial in the background.

    Lovely pics, lovely subjects, love your photography!

  4. The pictures at Dupont Circle are awesome. Knowing Ben & Alissa, and the love they share, these pics capture the true couple and shout at everyone who views them……Hey love is spending time together and having fun. This is what all newlyweds should look like. Crazy and crazy about each other. Totally great pics.

  5. Gorgeous! So glad the weather worked out =)

    Hey Liss, Maybe next year we’ll see some baby bump shots?!?

  6. Incredible. Kate Moss and Johnny Depp, eat your hearts out.

  7. Loved, loved the pictures. And what a fun way to capture a couple in love.

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