Arthur, the baby bird who thought my dad was his mom.

This baby bird fell out of his nest in my parents’ back yard. My dad put on gloves and replaced Little Bird in his nest, but Mama Bird never returned, so Little Bird tried to fly again and wound up in the path of my parents’ cat, George.

Dad rescued Little Bird from George and named him Arthur. For several days Dad hand-fed Arthur. Arthur would hop right up onto his hand and squawk at him with clear adoration.

Eventually Arthur was strong enough to (somehow) escape his upside-down laundry basket and find himself cornered, yet again, by George, who surely thought it was his lucky day.  (It wasn’t.)

Since George still has at least 6 lives and Arthur only has the 1, Dad wrapped Arthur in a towel and took him to a NEW home at Noah’s Ark .  Just today Dad visited Noah’s Ark and learned that Arthur flew away to join all the other wild birds.

Happy ending!

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