Ashley, Paul, & Opie | At Home | Acworth, GA

I look forward to photographing this family every year. Not only do I want to steal their kid, but I kinda also love their animals.  And I’m not even a dog person.  But seriously, just look at ’em…

Every kid I know makes this face at some point:

And then this one…

Opie, explaining that Chester is being flat right now:

While yer gettin’ shoed is the perfect time to tease the cat with some pipe-cleaners.


I think Opie’s a cool kid because his parents love each other.  Really.


  1. LOVE ♥ You have really captured the essence of this family…I know because I’m an aunt to them.
    I always look forward to the wonderful images you create.
    Bless you…
    Aunt Tanya

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