Bailey & Brandon | Specht Farm | Milledgeville, GA

Photographing Bailey’s wedding was sorta like photographing one of my sisters’ weddings: awesome because I can’t imagine anyone else caring as much about these moments as I did, and dreadful because I kept crying (which can be a serious hindrance when you’re trying to take a picture.)
Bailey and Brandon, I’m so glad you two found each other!

Ceremony & Reception: Specht Farm, Milledgeville, GA
Coordinator: Simply Charming Socials
Hair: Katie Terry, Petals Salon
Makeup: MAC Consultant Ann Peterman
Flowers: Angela Whitmire, AW Events
Cake: Oconee Sweet Sensations
Catering: Glenn’s BBQ
My fant-abulous second shooter: Erin Schopf

This is one of my favorite wedding dress pictures ever:

Love those dimples!

Bailey and her dad…

Bailey’s niece on the left, and Brandon’s daughter on the right:

The little guy is Bailey’s nephew, and the taller dude is Bailey’s son:

Before the wedding, I told Erin, “We’re going to take way too many picture of kids at this wedding.”  Later she said, “As I was taking this photo, I thought to myself, ‘Oh, no!  Too many kid pictures!  I’m doing iiitttttttt!!!!!!'”

Three gorgeous sets of parents, a stunning bride and groom, and two gorgeous little kiddos…

One handsome Da, Bailey’s last living grandparent. We celebrated his 90th birthday that weekend!

Addy was popping her dad’s puffed-out cheeks…

There was no rain plan at this wedding.  I can’t even tell you how nervous that made me.  And if it made me nervous, I KNOW Bailey and her mom were laying awake at night praying the rain away!  Thankfully, the wedding day dawned sunny and warm!  It was truly the perfect fall day.

A memory table held little mementos, celebrating the lives of family members who have passed on.

LOVE this guestbook idea!

Since the ceremony was taking place in a big, open field, two of Bailey and Brandon’s friends held these vintage doors so the wedding party would be hidden as they made their grand entrance down the aisle…

This couple. Just another set of parents to me.

Landon and his Papa giving away the bride…

Bailey & Brandon’s guests took home little jars of honey from her dad’s beehive!

This lovely lady made all sorts of delicious cakes and pies!

This wedding was brought to you by:

(Anne & Erin)

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  1. amazing. marvelous. fantastic. breathtaking. love them, love you Anne! -the end

  2. Stunning, you did such an amazing job capturing the love of all!

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