Boudoir = Bedroom

I’m so glad my most recent boudoir client decided to have her boudoir photographs made in her own home! The “boudoir” is the woman’s bedroom, after all; the place where she should feel most comfortable and free to express herself. I think the partners really love in-home photos, too. They get to enjoy photographs of their ladies just as they truly se them in their most intimate moments… in their homes… in their boudoirs.

No faces, as always.  :)  I’m protecting privacy here, mamas!

After sharing these photographs with my client, she wrote a really sweet e-mail, which she said I could share.

“…I had really high expectations for these photos (I, hubby, AND our families still talk about how amazing the ones you guys took of our wedding are) and I was nonetheless ecstatic when I saw them.  They are absolutely wonderful – fun and flirty, sexy but elegant – and exactly what I’d hoped for.  After we scheduled the appointment,  I vacillated between whether this was a good idea or not since I’m not a very outgoing type of person.  I’m so glad I didn’t cancel!  The shoot was amazingly not-awkward (kudos to you!) and the results are fantastic. I will undoubtedly be encouraging the ladies in my life to do a boudoir shoot with you…”

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