Boudoir Love

Joni gave me permission to share this photograph taken of her during her boudoir shoot before Christmas. This is the shot she selected to give as a framed print to her husband Chip — “he could safely put it on his desk,” she said. Aww.

After seeing her photographs, Joni wrote me the sweetest e-mail, and I’m glad she didn’t mind me sharing it.

“…I really am so excited about them! You did such a great job – and I feel like all of the photos turned out well. I’m always one to avoid the “bathing suit pics” at the beach, etc., but you really did a wonderful job of making me feel confident and the pictures capture me in a way that makes me happy – you are so talented! All girls should get to do one of these! I really appreciate it.”


Love to all of the wonderful women who trust me to capture their beauty. You are fabulous!

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  1. I saw Joni’s pics and LOOOVED them!!!
    I’m so jealous!!
    I can’t wait to do a shoot like this one day… you really did a PHENOMENAL job!!!

    She’s a great subject, too… isn’t she? :)

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