Casey & Nicole | The Foundry | Atlanta, GA

Ceremony & Reception: The Foundry at Puritan Mill, Atlanta, GA
Coordinator: Amy DiLoreti, A Flawless Event
Catering: Bold American
Hair & Makeup: Kristina Huf, Van Michael Salon
Ceremony Music: Lou Guzzo, Spectrum Entertainment
Reception DJ: Kenton Myers
Flowers: Bold American
Officiant: friend Emily Wright
Departure: GA Tech’s Ramblin Wreck
My Second Shooter: Erin Schopf

I met Casey & Nicole first via Skype from California, then over beers in Atlanta, then finally on their wedding day, where Casey told me, “Nicole said I can’t wear a necklace. SHE gets to wear a necklace because I stole her wedding dress.”  Apparently Nicole had ordered the (awesome-with-pockets) J.Crew wedding dress, only to have Casey try it on and decide that, really, it was meant to be hers.  So Nicole bought a new dress, and Casey didn’t get a necklace.  Seemed fair to me!  (And, honestly, drives home the advantages of marrying another woman who is exactly your size: imagine all the clothes!!!)

Silly dress stories aside, Erin and I loved every minute of Casey & Nicole’s wedding day: great people, great music, great food, and GREAT LOVE.
Thank you for sharing your celebration with us, ladies!

Casey & Nicole’s rings were custom-made. I love these blinged-out bands!

Nicole and the afore-mentioned necklace…

I’m a huge proponent of flat-shoes (for various reasons, but mostly because they’re comfortable), and I LOVED seeing both Casey & Nicole in sparkly white TOMS!

The family and (teeny-tiny) wedding party:

A quick prayer pre-ceremony…

Nothing keeps guests interested in a wedding ceremony like handing them an adult beverage as they walk in!

Instead of cake, Casey & Nicole served miniature cobblers to their guests!

This is one of my favorite photos: Casey lifting Nicole’s hair and blowing on her neck.

Look closely: yes, the guy in the middle is holding a woman and spinning her in circles.  THAT’S trust!

This wedding was brought to you by:

(Anne & Erin)

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  1. This wedding photos capture the love and fun of this wedding. Beautiful and Joyous! So happy that I was able to be a part of this. Cheers!

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