Catnapping Like A Wild Thing

Every few weeks, I get an e-mail (or three) from a family with a baby on the way, asking for photographs. And I say yes – of course. I love tiny, squishy faces and miniature fingernails and feathery wisps of hair and wet, pouty infant lips.

But mostly I love the space babies take up. I love that small bubble of world that each new little life inhabits, all sweet-smelling milk-breath and mouse-like squeaks. It’s in those spaces that the photographs live, where hands caress and voices soothe.

Babies in costumes, curled up on vintage backdrops? They’re darling. But my heart warms most at rooms strewn with tiny socks and burp cloths. I believe that every little one is most beautiful in the arms of her parents, in the company of his siblings.

And, of course, under the watchful gaze of the curious family cat…








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