Chimpanzees & Little Humans

Three things I am grateful for:


1.) My 8-year-old friend Lydia, who knows words like “extinct” and “runoff” and “conservation.” She plays Minecraft like a fiend and gives hugs just like a chimpanzee – all arms and legs and squeals of happiness.


2.) Women like Jane Goodall, whose lifetime of work has done more than serve her cause; it has served communities all over the globe, including Lydia’s little corner of Maryland, where a classroom full of bright little spirits was showered with plush chimps and new tools for making their world better.


3.) Educators who understand the value of turning off the overhead fluorescents so the natural daylight can flow in; who know that wiggly 8-year-olds will pay more attention if they can sit floppily on the ground rather than rigidly in a chair; who know that kids are smart and creative and compassionate little humans; who honor the future that exists within their fresh, young minds.


Learn more about the Jane Goodall Institute and their Roots & Shoots program for young people!


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