Christmas in Ohio

For the first time since getting married, Dan and I spent Christmas with his family in Ohio. Our shooting schedule has always made it impossible to travel around the holidays, so we knew we had to take advantage of our open calendar this Christmas! It was a little emotional for me, since I’ve never been away from my family on Christmas, but we had an incredible time, and I’m SO glad we went!

A few highlights, in order of occurrance:

-We were completely screwed over by the rental car company we had booked with, which was really annoying, but in the end we wound up with a WAY cooler car from the fabulous folks at Hertz and a very easy drive through the mountains!  Not every couple can spend 10 hours in a car together and love every minute of it, but we sure did!

-Dan’s mom didn’t know we were coming. His step-dad kept it a secret and when we showed up at 10pm on Monday night she FLIPPED. Everyone was crying and hugging and it was SO much fun!

-We were upgraded to a KING SUITE at the Westin Columbus, all at a “my-sister-works-for-Starwood” price. SWEET!  We were treated like absolute royalty the entire time.

-Dan’s family recently moved into a house that backs up to a small farm. Missy and I went out one morning and spent time with the horses…

It was SO cold outside!  Everyone’s breath was steaming in the frosty air.

I don’t know if this is a colt or a pony.  Anyone out there know?  I just called him “Little Horse.”

Little Horse didn’t get too far from Big Horse.  If he did, Big Horse would stomp and whinny.  If Big Horse wasn’t the mom, she sure was bossy!

Missy looks so gorgeous here petting Big Horse!

The family dog Middy LOVED tromping through the neighbor’s pasture!

We feel so blessed to be surrounded by family who love and support us. We know it’s an incredible gift, and we are so grateful.

Thanks, Jim, Missy, Jess, Tyler, and JAY for welcoming us for Christmas! We can’t wait to see you all again soon! Much love…

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  1. Little Horse is an adult because his tail is full length. What cute buddies! Glad you guys got to have a great Christmas trip.

    Thank you, Anne, for your posing tips. I’ve been working on them! =)

  2. Oh, thanks Ellie! Poor Little Horse… Big Horse was REALLY bossing him around! I’m glad you’re making use of my ideas! Maybe my mistakes can help you out! Haha. :)

  3. Yep, Ellie’s right … it’s a pony. Big Horse is what you’d call “herd bound”, the same mentality junior high girls have when they visit the bathroom in groups.

    I love the photograph of Missy’s hand and the curious nose. I’m looking for the posing tips next!

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