Cindy & John Getting Married

Venue: Lake Lanier Island Resort
Dress: Mikaella
Shoes: Kate Spade
Hair & Makeup: Karma
Flowers: YES
Cake & Catering provided by Lake Lanier Island Resort
DJ: Pulse
Second Shooter: the one-and-only, super-terrific Tim Harman (thanks to you and Mucinex D for helping me make it through this very busy weekend!)

Tim’s shot:

Tim’s shots:

Tim grabbed this picture of me at work!  The photo I was making is just below it…


Tim’s shot:

Tim’s shot, below right:

Tim’s shot, below left:

This is how you (okay, *I*!) make a long-exposure evening picture of a venue (thanks, Tim, for snapping this!):

And the finished product:

Tim’s shot, below right:

Tim’s shot:

Cindy & John, thank you so much for allowing Tim and I to join in your celebration!  We are humbled by the the service you both provide to our country, and we hope that these photos help bridge the gap while the two of you are on different sides of the ocean.


  1. Gorgeous photos Anne! I love that you included a few shots I captured of you. :) It was awesome working with you!

    Congrats Cindy and John!

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