College Advising Corps | “I Advise Because…”

I was honored to photograph the 2013 conference of the College Advising Corps, an organization who works to “increase the number of low-income, first-generation college and underrepresented students who enter and complete higher education.”  The program is made up of college graduates who work directly with high school students and their families to assist with enrollment, matriculation, and financial aid.  Throughout the conference, the advisors shared stories of students whose lives had been changed simply through the presence of an advisor whose sole job was ensuring access to every possible opportunity for higher education.

On the final evening of the conference, on our way back from dinner, my friend and College Advising Corps COO Amir Farokhi and I began talking about a last-minute photo project that would capture the enthusiasm of the program’s participants and the diversity of their inspiration for becoming college advisors.  Talk became action, and before I knew it, Amir had the ball rolling.

The next morning, with just a few hours left before the conference ended, I photographed 257 young college advisors with signs that completed the phrase, “I advise because…”  

These are just a few of those photographs.

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  1. I am one of the adviserd you photographed. I am from the Michigan State University Advising Corps. Is there anyway I could have a proof of my picture? Mine is the one that said “I am the voice of other detroit kids…” Thanks for photographing us!

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