Crafty Ladies: Art As Connection

Crafty Ladies is an ever-evolving, ongoing, personal photography project connecting me with creative women. I’m documenting their faces and their stories in order to better understand the role of creativity in women’s lives, and its impact on my own.

Alissa DeCoteau and her mom are roommates, which makes for a cozy, creative space full of soothing energy and rich-smelling candles and quiet connection. They also share the space with two sweet kitties who clearly thought I was there to talk to them. They padded through the room and over the desk and around my boots as Alissa and I talked about art as a means of connection.


“The cats always do this when I’m up here. And I like it. I’m just like, ‘Hey babies! Come hang out and look at my stuff!’ Except when there’s paint. Then it’s, ‘Get off the desk!'”


“My art has helped me to get centered and just be with myself. Especially this, because it’s a very spiritual design. One of the major points of Sega Geometry is, when you first start, it’s one circle, then another circle… The way Sega Geometry grows is the same way our cells divide when we’re in the womb.”


“I like art that represents unity. One of the main things with Sega Geometry is that it all comes from, like, ONE. Then it grows from there. I always think of, like, Grandmother Willow in Pocahontas with the ripple effect? Like, I went vegan. I did it, then my mom did it, then my brother did it, then his girlfriend; and it went out from there. And it’s really cool to see that. Same with this. When someone buys this, maybe they think more about consciousness and being aware and being one with other people and remembering to be kind and spread love. I like to bring people together.”

“Intention” is a word that’s been on my mind a lot lately. My husband Dan likes to say, “Your intention doesn’t matter; the results do.” And I agree with that; but I also think that all the best results started with intention. Happy accidents are fun, but it’s hardcore fulfilling to see good stuff grow out of intentional creativity, intentional connection, intentional kindness…

Alissa’s work – and the generous spirit behind it – inspire me to be more intentional with my days. I want to approach my hours with purpose and care. I want to pursue my art with thoughtfulness and intention.

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