Do It In Lightroom!

Just last week I had a conversation with someone who said they love photography, but feel afraid of digital cameras because they don’t own or understand Photoshop. Photoshop totally has its (crucial) place, but I loved the hopeful look in this one person’s eyes when I said, “Oh, I do 99.9% of my work in Lightroom!” To underscore this point, here are a few before-and-after screencaps of some images I just toned for a client. These are far from the highly-detailed work that a true post-production house will do for an image that’s going on, say, a billboard; but this level of production worked well for this particular job, and is exactly what I need for the vast majority of my clients. Hooray, Lightroom 4!

Another thing I love about Lightroom? I never took a single Lightroom class. This is a program that’s truly intuitive and, I think, easy to self-teach!

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  1. hi anne :) im a newborn photographer using acr & ps.. i tried lightroom years ago when it first came out & found it to be kinda similar to acr for myself… is lr4 much better? it does skin smoothing as well??? you did a great job btw.. love your stuff your one of my fav wedding photographers ;)

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