Dragon*Con 2011 – Checked In: Cosplayers in Their Hotel Rooms

As an Atlanta native, it’s pretty embarrassing to say that I’ve never officially been to Dragon*Con (as in, bought a badge) until this year.  But, since I shoot 20-odd weddings each year, I have to accept that Labor Day weekend is one of THE prime times for folks to get married.  This year was no different, and I shot weddings on both Friday and Saturday.  On Sunday, with 4 hours of sleep, I hauled myself out of bed and actually WENT to Dragon*Con!  Well… sorta.

For the first 6 hours on Sunday I photographed Dragon*Con cosplayers in their hotel rooms.  I love the juxtaposition of the boring ol’ hotel rooms with these brilliant, fantastical costumes!  I had a couple of last-minute dropouts, but I still managed to photograph 13 characters in 6 different hotel rooms AND still have time to enjoy some sushi for lunch.  (Yay!)

Harrison Krix/Volpin Props‘ Thomas Bangalter from Daft Punk:

Kaung as Gambit from X-Men:

Emily as Kasumi Goto from Mass Effect:

Brian in Dieselpunk:

Kyle as The Doctor from Doctor Who:

Hannah as Amy Pond from Doctor Who:

Quentin as Canton Delaware from Doctor Who:

Brad as Rory Williams from Doctor Who:

Mike as Winston Churchill from Doctor Who:

Jax, Christine, and Roger with their Nyan Cat for the Dragon*Con parade:

Bunny as Harley Quinn from Batman:

Dimitry in Dieselpunk:

Lauren as Rogue from X-Men:

See more photos from these shoots HERE on my Flickr page.

BIG thanks to all you creative, inspiring cosplayers who worked with me to get these shoots scheduled, and to my super-fabulous assistant, Dawn!

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  1. Anne! I’m so glad I got to be a part of your project and I hope for more fun collaborations in the future. These turned out great…I’m still in awe of your amazing talent…thank you for inspiring!

  2. This is such great work Anne, you’ve got a real gift!! Thanks for including us :-)

  3. Emily, the writers of the Mass Effect movie called. You’re hired.

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