Excuse us while we inflate our ego to an extraordinary size.

We sent Sara and Itan some greeting cards.
And Sara sent us the craziest-cool e-mail EVER.

“oh my gosh!
we just got the thank you notes!
holy sh*t!!!! those are SO AWESOME!!!

you guys are the absolute coolest photographers i could possibly imagine…i can’t tell you how glad i am that we found you. YA’LL ARE THE BEST!!!
the picture is so beautiful, the graphic design is so flawless…you guys KEEP BLOWING MY MIND every time i turn around…

i’ve probably said it 100 times this week, i paid way more than i thought i would for photographers, but i still feel with 100% certainty that i got a GREAT deal, b/c you guys are the best, and i am sure that in a couple of years it will have cost me double to get your services…b/c you are the f-ing BEST!


thank you for everything…
i’m rambling…
eventually i’m going to regain my composure…
and then i’m going to write a bunch of blurbs about how awesome ya’ll are and attribute half to me and half to itan and send them to you for your website (if you opt to use them is up to you…but i just HAVE to scream it from the mountain top!)

dan and anne…
thank you…

you really REALLY really REALLY go WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY above and beyond what i imagined possible for the documentarians of my wedding!

thank you!




No, Sara, thank YOU for making our heads too big for our necks… and for letting us share your awesome note!

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  1. I agree with everything the wife said…you guys do rock!!!! (even if Dan does heckle me about a playstation 3 I once could of owned…)

  2. holy sh*t, these are gorgeous!! what a stunning couple too. you guys really do rock. design, photography, everything – top notch. your heads/ego should really be a lot bigger than it is!

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