Freelensing In Philly: A Pop-Up Workshop


What: Come learn FREELENSING with me in the adorable little community of Fleetwood, PA – just outside Philly! For $100, you’ll be shooting, sharing, portrait-making, and becoming a badass master of my favorite creative photography technique.

When: Saturday, February 6, 2016, at 3:00pm. We’ll wrap up around 5:00pm and wander into the local pub for drinks and snacks!

Who: Moderate – Advanced Photographers who understand f-stops and shutter speeds, and can comfortably shoot in Manual mode.

You’ll Need: Your DSLR (you should be able to remove your lens from your camera body) and a prime (non-zoom) lens. I recommend a 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm, or 135mm lens for best results. Wider and/or longer lenses are a bit more challenging when you’re first starting out!

**If you have a Nikon camera, please also bring a small roll of electrical tape. You’ll see why! :)

Not sure what freelensing is? Freelensing is a technique for organically creating that dreamy, fuzzy look you see in the photographs above. It’s one of my favorite tricks for adding texture and layers to a photograph!

Register Now! I’ll e-mail you with our precise meetup location! (If your PayPal e-mail is different from your preferred e-mail, be sure to include your preferred e-mail address in the notes!)

Space is limited, so all registrations are final!

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