The Art of Freelensing: A Workshop

If you missed the last Atlanta workshop, here’s your chance to learn freelensing – and I’m doing it bigger and better this go ’round, with plenty of models and a lighting demo added!


What is freelensing?

With the freelensing technique, the photographer shoots with the lens detached and slightly tilted away from the camera body, creating a tilt-shift effect.

Why freelensing?

I love mixing up the types of images I give my clients by incorporating freelensing into my work! The awesome thing about freelensing (as opposed to buying a tilt-shift lens or a Lensbaby), is that you can do it on the fly with the lens that’s already on your camera body!

What do I need to bring?

Bring your DSLR camera and a PRIME (not zoom!) lens. The best lenses for freelensing tend to be between 35mm and 135mm. I freelens primarily with my 50mm Canon lens. NOTE: If you’re shooting Nikon, I recommend that you bring one of Nikon’s older lenses with an aperture ring. This is an adjustable ring on the lens that allows you to select your aperture – not the same as the focusing ring! If you do not have an older aperture ring lens, you can still freelens; we will simply stick a small piece of electrical tape to the back of your lens to hold your shutter open. (Trust me; it works great and won’t hurt your gear!)

What will we be doing?

You will:

  • learn to freelens, from the very basics of how to hold your camera, to more complex techniques like diagonal tilting and motion freelensing.
  • photograph models – plenty of them! – both individuals and couples.
  • have a freelens portrait made of yourself by me!
  • practice mingling freelensing and off-camera flash techniques.
  • learn which locations work best for freelensing.
  • experience freelensing as a layer in the photograph – it’s so much more than a fun trick!

How long will the workshop last?

We will wrap up at sunset and head to a nearby pub for drinks and snacks. Stick around and mingle!

How do I attend?

Sign up below!

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NOTE: This experience is not recommended for those with mobility challenges!.We will walk about a mile during the course of the class, with parts of the trek on uneven ground.


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