Geoff + Monica + Corbin

My heart is too full for much commentary. I can only say that I LOVE my brother, I LOVE my Monica, and I LOVE my Corbin. :)

Let the laughter begin!

Corbin, being serious, walking the line.

This is what Corbin does when you say, “Show us your Good Boy face!”  HA.

Sometimes I make a photo that takes my breath away — not because I’m an amazing photographer, but because the moment is so enormously precious to me.  This is one of those moments.

Corbin’s nap wasn’t satisfactory (no thanks to me), so he got a bit cranky at one point.  After a “talking to”, he decided he wanted to sit on this curb for his time out.  I couldn’t resist a photograph of his sad little face.  This kid is too much.

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