In A Barn Built with Paul’s Own Hands.


I like to photograph people in spaces that have meaning to them. This family is one of my regulars, connecting with me every year to make portraits. This year, Paul had just finished building a massive barn on their property in north Georgia, so we allowed the cavernous space to inspire our photographs – the embodiment of so much love, so many dreams, and such beautiful light.


I can’t really imagine anyone meeting Opie and not falling instantly in love with him. He has all this amazing energy and creativity spilling out. Totally his parents’ child.

acworth-family-photography-103 acworth-family-photography-104

That photo below? On the left? That’s me photographing Ashley and Paul and Opie. And the photo on the right is Ashley and Paul photographing me… photographing them. Go follow Ashley on Instagram for more of her fun photos of daily life.

acworth-family-photography-105 acworth-family-photography-106 acworth-family-photography-107 acworth-family-photography-108 acworth-family-photography-109 acworth-family-photography-110 acworth-family-photography-111acworth-family-photography-112acworth-family-photography-113

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