In that way…

I’ve been bragging for a month that I had a new website coming on June 1st. My husband/in-house web developer/graphic-designer-in-residence has been feverishly working with me to finalize this beast, and we were READY to launch.

But four days ago I realized: I was about to launch the same ol’ bullshit I’ve been trying to avoid for years — and it wasn’t me.

Despite my original motivation (to do a better job of presenting myself and my story via my website), I’d slipped into the rut of familiarity and was about to put my stamp of approval on the website-iest website EVER.

So we’ve gone back to the drawing board.

I feel sorta like an idiot for being basically the worst client ever (to my husband) and the worst launcher ever (to the rest of the world.) But I’m SO. EFFING. STOKED. to be making something that’s really, honestly, seriously me.

I just wanna leave you guys with a quote by Emmet Gowan, which I read in this stunning piece on The Guardian:

[blockquote]”If you set out to make pictures about love, it can’t be done. But you can make pictures, and you can be in love. In that way, people sense the authenticity of what you do.”[/blockquote]

Whether you’re making pictures, or designing websites, or screen-printing t-shirts, or installing car engines, I’m reminded over and over and over again that success is the byproduct of authenticity. Be who you are, and your tribe will find you.

Thank you for being part of my tribe.

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  1. “…success is the byproduct of authenticity. Be who you are, and your tribe will find you.”
    I just wrote this on my quoteboard. Thanks for inspiring your tribe! Best of luck with the new website quest. I know it will be great!

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