In which I give an interview with my hair uncombed.

When Ashley asked me to drop by the ShootProof offices for a podcast, I was like, “Yeah, totally!” And I rolled out of bed and threw on my new Cotton Bureau t-shirt and thought, “Meh… my hair is fine.”

Then I got to the (super-cool) ShootProof offices and immediately wondered, “What is all this video equipment for?” At which point Graham informed me that it was, in fact, a VIDEO podcast, and maybe I should have brushed my hair that morning.

Nerves on high alert, I gratefully accepted the Scotch that Colin slipped into my coffee mug, but my hands were shaking too much to drink any of it once the cameras were rolling. If you can tell me how many times I almost take a drink during this interview, I’ll give you a shout-out on Facebook for having entirely too much time on your hands.

Now watch the interview. And check out ShootProof. They rock.

Episode 002 – Finding Your Voice from ShootProof Team on Vimeo.

Get the sweet skull wallpaper I used as my featured image above at AlphaCoders.

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