It Lasts for Always

“Once you are real, you cannot become unreal again. It lasts for always.”
The Velveteen Rabbit

There are two people missing from this photo.

One is Mikie, Yoshika’s husband and the brilliant daddy to these adorable kids. Mikie had to work back home in California, and wasn’t along on this particular trip to Atlanta.

The other is Audrey – or Seri, her Japanese name. Seri left this world much too soon. Her brothers know she is in Heaven now. Her little sister never met her, but knows her through stories, photographs, and one soft, stuffed bunny rabbit.

But Mikie is here.
He is evident in his kids’ curiosity, in his wife’s smile.

And Seri is here.
She is present in her brothers’ understanding, in her sister’s belonging, in her mother’s gentleness.
And in one soft, stuffed bunny rabbit, flying toward the sky.

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