January Workshops: What Have I Agreed To?!?

1/10 Update: In case you missed the live broadcast, scroll down to WATCH BrandsmashTV’s Episode 1: Succeeding In Business!  I had such a lovely time with Kara Wahlgren, Sue B. Zimmerman, Jennifer Rozenbaum, Caitlin McKay, and Mike Allebach.  Thank you, m’dears!


If you happen to be in the Philly area at the end of January and want to hear some good stuff from some SUPER smart people about marketing without breaking the bankYOU SHOULD BE AT THIS WORKSHOP!  Okay, maybe I’m not “super smart,” but a decade in the wedding industry has taught me a thing or two about building a business you love that will love you back!

I’ll be coaching a segment on organic growth and authenticity in business.  Come see me — and the other incredible presenters who will be teaching their little hearts out!

If you discovered this class through my blog, then you WIN, because I’m giving my followers $100 OFF their registration.  Click the image below, and use the code AnneAlmasy at checkout.  Woot!

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