JP Is New Here | At Home | Woodstock, GA

JP’s parents put a Wampa rug in his nursery.  I think we already know this kid’s gonna be awesome.

Kim & Joe’s furbaby couldn’t resist trying to sneak into a few photos…

I love it when newborns smile.  I know, I know… they don’t know they’re doing it.  But STILL.  So precious.

Somewhere around this moment, I opened my big mouth and said that JP looked like a cute little Gollum.  I seriously meant it in the best possible way.  ALL newborn babies look like tiny old men, or funny little elves, or hairless orangutans.  It’s what makes babies so fun to look at.  THANK HEAVEN Kim & Joe didn’t immediately kick me out of their home.  (I seriously need to work on my compliments.)

Favorite: Joe’s grown-up hand on JP’s tiny little baby tummy…

A little Christmas in the foreground…

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