Kim & Andrew | The Trolley Barn | Atlanta, GA

Ceremony & Reception: The Trolley Barn
Coordinator: Daria McGregor with Circle of Love Weddings
Kim’s Dress: by Claire Pettibone, from Kelly’s Closet
Hair: Area 4 Salon
Makeup: Tiffany Stone with Mirror Mirror Makeup Artistry
Flowers: Amanda Sanderfer with Amazing By Amanda
Paperie: tables names printed and embossed by Concrete Lace
Officiant: Jeremiah O’Keefe-West
Cake: Alon’s
Catering: Sun In My Belly
Ceremony Oboists: Kari Kistler and Rachel Maczko
Reception DJ: Nice Guys DJ
My 2nd Shooter: Erin Schopf

I adored Kim the moment I met her. She’s funny, for one, and not a lot of people are really, genuinely funny. I only ever spoke with Andrew via Skype, however, so their wedding day was my first time seeing the two of them together.  That’s always a little scary, because I haven’t had a chance to see a couple interact, to get them comfortable in front of my camera, to determine if they’re blinkers or freezers or total goobers when they’re being photographed… But I had no reason to worry, because Kim and Andrew were just 100% themselves, and I am completely in love with their photos!  As always, I’m exceptionally grateful to my 2nd shooter, Erin, who makes my job so fun, and gives me so many beautiful photographs to add to the story.  Love you, Rin!

Kim had just one bridesmaid: her best friend Tina.  Their friendship is so precious!

This was my first time working with phenomenal florist Amazing By Amanda.  I was BLOWN AWAY by her gorgeous bouquets!

First Look:

The beauty of having two photographers: this next image is mine, and the photo after it was made by Erin. Two of my favorites!

Kim and Andrew laughed a lot.  This is what you get when you marry your best friend!

After a lengthy explanation of how Andrew dislikes being photographed and doesn’t feel comfortable in front of the camera…
Andrew was a total supermodel.

We bumped into Andrew’s mom, arriving as we walked across the street to the park…

Andrew with his brothers, and Kim with her nephew, aka, CUTEST KID EVER!
Well, okay, so I say that about all the kids.  But this kid was seriously adorable.

All the family:

I loved this moment, with Andrew’s parents watching guests arrive through the window:

Not only did these ladies have an outstanding, celebratory sense of style, but they ROCKED those oboes.
Didn’t know oboes can rock?  Well, they can.  I promise.

This may be my favorite photo from Kim and Andrew’s wedding.  Most of my favorite photos are a combination of planning and good fortune.  In this case, I was steadied for the hand-off between Kim’s dad and Andrew, but you never know exactly what people will do, so I got lucky with the “pose.”  But my FAVORITE part is the sunlight on Kim’s face.  I just love this.

Jeremiah O’Keefe-West is my #1 favorite officiant in Atlanta. He’s Irish. What else do you need?

After the “first kiss,” before walking back up the aisle, Andrew leaned over and…

I’m developing an obsession with crosswalks…

Love this bestie moment:

Cocktail hour in the sweet light:

A sweet, easy, rustic seating chart: markers on old windowpanes:

Each table was labeled with the name of an Atlanta neighborhood.
Inman Park is where The Trolley Barn is located, and it’s one of my favorite locales!

Despite both working in Atlanta for about a decade, Hans and I had never worked together until this wedding!  He’s a super-nice guy (how apropos!) and an excellent DJ — none of the cheesy wedding stuff, just great music and an energetic vibe. For the adventurous, Nice Guys DJ even offers a with-band option!  Check out his website and BOOK HIM!

This wedding was brought to you by:

(Anne & Erin)

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  1. anne — your work is amazing! loved meeting you and absolutely adore your pics! …i mean, kim and andrew are SO HARD to work with… :) THANKS SO MUCH!

  2. Such AMAZING photos!! You really captured the essence of the day, Kim and Andrew’s love, their love for family and friends, and thanks for the rockin’ oboe comment ;)

  3. Anne! These photos are gorgeous.. one of my favorite weddings you’ve ever photographed! Just stunning!
    xo – Laura

  4. Anne, I really don’t have words to express my gratitude – not only are you so much fun to hang out with, but also super efficient AND talented! THANK YOU for such wonderful photos – for recording all the things we didn’t have a chance to see and the moments that we will cherish forever. THANK YOU for putting us at ease, letting us be ourselves, and understanding who we are. THANK YOU for being amazing and for sharing your talent with us!

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