Lena & George | The Goat Farm | Atlanta, GA

As soon as Lena told me she and George were getting married, I knew I WANTED to photograph her wedding.  Had I known their theme would be, “Louis Caroll Meets Hunter S. Thompson & They Go To the Circus, aka Mad Hatter On Acid” I would’ve INSISTED. Thankfully I didn’t have to insist.  Lena did that for me. And on Sunday, I celebrated with two beautiful people at one of the most joyful, colorful, WONDERFUL weddings I’ve ever attended!

Lena, I love you dearly! I’m glad we’ve stayed connected since those old-school days in choir together. I’m so happy for you and George, and so honored that you invited me to be part of this truly incredible day! OXO

I’ve only shot one other wedding where the bride didn’t wear white. And you know what? I kinda love it…

Lena’s friend opened her little apartment at The Goat Farm for getting ready…

Lena’s son Render came in, saw all the ladies, and immediately hid behind his Toy Story bookbag.

The groom.

I’ve never seen a kid take to a hat quite like Render!

Lena’s grandparents, smoking and drinking their pre-ceremony CocaColas.

Lena’s friend Alexis helped her dress…

Just minutes before the ceremony was to begin, George waited outside to see Lena…

Ann C. shots lots of great photos, but I extra-love this capture of Render.  He’s a kid always on the move, so I immediately loved this fuzzy shot of him.

In very un-Render-like fashion, Ren ran to Lena and George and posed.

It was so precious to open the program (which double as an activity booklet for the guests!) and see my name listed in the back. OXO

Neither of Lena’s parents are living. Her grandparents are incredibly important to her, and her grandfather walked her down the aisle.

A Goat Farm artist watching the ceremony from his window…

Lena and George incorporated a ring warming ceremony, passing their wedding rings around to each guest for a blessing.

Lena and George’s friends and family worked together to knit this extra-long scarf, which Render helped to wrap around their hands for a handfasting ritual.

Each guest’s place was marked with a ribbon tide around their gift of a vintage record. This is probably my favorite wedding favor idea EVER. Each place setting was complete with a unique piece of china, and a miniature Mason jar for pour-your-own cocktails.

A little nod to Doctor Who.  In her vows, Lena promised that if a man in a blue box ever came to whisk her away to other worlds, she would insist that he bring George, too.

Carnival games!

Instead of a piece of vinyl, Render’s place was marked with a brand new Bert puppet.

George’s wedding gift to Lena…

Low country boil, family style:

Contrary to appearances, I was NOT getting in trouble. Lena was just making me promise to eat!

Below and to the right: the man responsible for the amazing wedding arch and the strongman carnival game!

In remembrance…

The official end of the evening was marked with the release of dozens of fire lanterns…

The “guestbook” was two coloring pages from a Lena, George, & Render comic book!

Ceremony & Reception: The Goat Farm, Atlanta, Georgia
Lena’s Dress: custom made  by Gillian Gussack with fabric from Gail K.
Lena’s Earrings: Aranwen’s Jewelry
Lena’s Necklace: M Stevenson Designs
Lena’s Ring: Gothic Glitter
Lena’s Shoes: ModCloth
Lena’s Tights: Leg Avenue
Lena’s Hair & Makeup: Amy & Kristen from Salon Red in Candler Park (respectively)
George’s Ring: Kinekt
George’s Shoes: Macy’s
George’s Belt Buckle: Decembermoon Design
George’s Jacket: The Lees Shop
Ties: Cyber Optix
Hats: Purchased from Village Hat Shop, embellished by Lena
Invitations & Guestbook Artwork: Adam Thas with Wedding Lantern
Skull Flasks: Diamond, Star, Halo
Vintage China Place Settings: Set the Table Vintage
Antique Books: from Lena’s book collection, inherited from her mother
Vintage Records: Full Moon Records
Cake & Cupcakes: Highland Bakery
Ceremony Music: Villain Family
Band: Good Golly Svengali
Other Music: Till Someone Loses An Eye
Fire Spinner: Myron with The Imperial Opa

And photographed by:

(Anne & Ann)

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  1. I thought as much that they were Doctor who fans when I saw the scarf. Then I scrolled down a bit and saw the tardis cake topper and that confirmed it. Really good photos. Different from the regular white weddings.

  2. so so so so so fun! congratulations, you crazy kids! (I love all the pics!)

  3. Ah well done, well done. Congrats again, well put together.

  4. What a wonderful wedding !!Thanks so much for posting the pix. Congratulations !!

  5. I’m the mother of the blonde in the pictures, Alexis. That’s how I came across the photos. WOW! Beautiful pictures and wedding! My blessings to the bride and groom and their new family, I hope your life is as colorful and creative as your wedding. To the photographer, I really enjoyed the artistry and perspective of your work.

  6. I am the mother of the groom and love the pictures so far.

  7. These are AWESOME pictures!! Truly captured the fun of the whole evening. Congratulations to Lena, George & Render! Thank you for including us in your special day!!

  8. i dont know what was more amazing the pictures of this event or the joy that they captured. Wonderful all round.

  9. Hi! Do you know someone I can contact at The Goat Farm about hosting a potential wedding ceremony and reception there? Thanks!

    • Last I knew, Casey, Goat Farm was no longer hosting weddings, due to their hectic film schedule! (The Hunger Games, anyone?) :) But you can reach out and double-check that information here: atl@thegoatfarm.info. Good luck!

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