Pincurls & EcoVintage Jewelry with Designer Mark Edge

In my late teens, I had a conversation with a commercial photographer who told me about his first few gigs. “People would call me,” he said, “and ask, ‘Can you photograph watches?’ And I’d say, ‘Of course! Watches are my specialty!’ And I’d book the job, then I’d get off the phone and go learn to photograph watches.”

For better or worse, I took Mike’s advice to heart, and with little exception I learned to say yes to just about every job that came my way. Now if I turn down don’t a job, it isn’t because I can’t; it’s because I don’t want to.

When my (brilliantly creative) friend Jill reached out to me to shoot some new images for (the insanely talented) Mark Edge’s website, I knew I wanted to do it. I also know I would have to teach myself. I knew nothing about photographing fashion or jewelry – not really. So I scoured Pinterest and played with my lights and figured out the hows/whats/wheres of the project.

This is my second year shooting for Mark Edge, and I feel pretty awesome about what we made together.

Big thanks to designer/stylist/model Jill, and special appreciation to my assistant Justin, pictured below making out with Mark’s dog as he helps me test my lighting setup.

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