Married! Michelle + Tomi: The Engagement Ceremony

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Two weekends ago, we were blessed with the opportunity to photograph Michelle and Tomi’s traditional Nigerian engagement ceremony. It was a beautiful celebration at Four Seasons, full of color and energetic rituals that were all new to us!

Some things weren’t entirely unfamiliar… Michelle wore gold shoes to match her handmade custom dress:

The incredible Segun Olaleye flew all the way from Texas to Atlanta to lend his unique skills to the women’s makeup and ornate hair ties.

Tomi’s groomsmen pray around him before their grand entrance to the ceremony.

Michelle is a STUNNING woman, and the bright colors of her Nigerian dress looked amazing on her!

Tomi enters his engagement ceremony, surrounded by cheering and singing family and friends.

Tomi and his groomsmen had to lay prostrate before Michelle’s family to request their permission for her hand in marriage.  The family then had to pay money into a dish before Tomi and the guys could get up!  

After Tomi was seated, Michelle was escorted in — more dancing and singing!

Michelle knelt before Tomi’s family, who prayed and blessing over her and welcomed her into their family.

Michelle’s brother read the marriage proclomation.

A delicious Nigerian menu was served to the guests, and this STUNNING cake was created by another incredible Texas artist, Edet Okon of Satin Slices! A-MAZING! (This was incorrectly attributed to Publix originally — so sorry, Edet!)

Tomi’s family sang before Michelle’s family, thanking them for allowing Tomi to marry their daughter.  This was such a joyous, emotional moment!

Dancing and celebrating!

The officially engaged bride- and groom-to-be!


  1. may u both grow old together in Jesus name, Amen.

    Lovely ceremony that U both had.lovely colours as well

    God bless

  2. Long life n prosperity
    twins, triplets in Jesus name

    I really enjoyed going thru the pixs. Wonderful!

    love from nene(Belgium)

  3. Really lovely pictures and nice traditional wedding, colorful and splendid designs of clothes and cake! Happy Married life!

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