Married! Sara + Itan (Part 2)

We weren’t even supposed to take pictures at Sara and Itan’s rehearsal dinner, but we couldn’t help ourselves. ;) These are just a few shots of family fun and happiness from their dinner at Savannah’s Churchill’s pub.

Itan and his sister…

Itan’s mom…

Itan’s uncle…

These scrumptious cookies are Sara’s grandmother’s recipe!

Sara and her dad…

Sara and Itan shared a slideshow of photos of them through the years.  These were the reactions to those photos…

Last but not least, we finish with a shot of Sara’s favorite: Ms. Pac-Man.  ;)

Wedding day photographs coming SOON!

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  1. several photo’s i can identify,one laughing is marianne mccraw russell ,cousin in background mary margaret lecoq,cousin daughter of rose mccraw lecoq.also aunt joyce wife of edward mccraw,
    loved the photo’s as i have all the others i have seen.
    redhead lady is carrie faris wife of thomas franklin faris

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