Married! Sara + Itan

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I think that we get more out of control with each blog post. Narrowing this one to only 35 photos was (seriously) not an easy task, and it’s STILL way more than usual! We’re going to have to start imposing stricter limits on ourselves!

Sara and Itan’s wedding weekend in Savannah was the most perfect, beautiful weekend anyone could have asked for! Top that off with what may be our NEW most favorite venue on the planet, and it was truly an amazing celebration!

Sara started her day at Salon Della Vita with Nicole, who gave her a stunning vintage-inspired ‘do!

Itan and his guys took the ferry to lunch at the Westin.

Sara makes the most adorable expressions!  It made it that much harder to narrow down to our favorite photos!

The RED dress!  YAY!

Sara’s mom found this beautiful costume necklace for her in an Indian clothing store.  (Another cute face!)

Okay, now for the insanely amazing venue.

Sara and Itan celebrated at The Roundhouse, a train museum that is just blocks from the heart of historic Savannah.

This huge lighthouse/smokestack-looking building was in the center of the main courtyard, and was the perfect setting for their first look at one another…

The guests were all asked to wear black and white, and the wedding party did the same.  Sara and Itan were the only pops of color, which looked incredible!

I love the look on Itan’s face as he saw Sara walk down the aisle!

Sara and her dad…

A family portrait post-ceremony…

First dance…

YUM! Cake!

Itan’s friend Shmriti (I hope I spelled that right!) danced for them!  She was incredible!

Two of the flower girls got into the bubbles a little ahead of time…

Jai Ho!  (The new wedding dance?)

We also have to give a shout out to the awesome artists who created Sara and Itan’s gorgeous invitations and programs.  Check them out:

Invitations: Samantha Aron
Programs: Timothy Aron

Sara and Itan, we are so honored to be been part of your wedding celebration!  THANK YOU for making us feel SO incredibly welcome, and for having SUCH A FLIPPIN’ COOL WEDDING!!!



  1. WOW!! photo’s number 1 and 7 in the sideshow need to go in my bathroom! anne, i LOVE them.

    also i just totally have to comment on your energy burst this season, it shows so much threw the images. the vintage feel to this weeding is amazing. i love all the lighting!

    every wedding you guys bring something new to the table and it makes me so envious!

  2. hello almasy’s!…itan and i have been pouring over the pictures all weekend…and we absolutely LOVE all of them…that little sentence doesn’t really do it justice…but, you know, i’m at work and should probably be earning my paycheck right now rather than looking at all of your beautiful artistic photojournalism coverage of my wedding…and then trying to find the right words (not cussing this time!) to describe them.

    if you’re like me, you like specifics…so, i will say this:

    almost everyone i’ve spoken to has like the black and white close-up picture of itan and i the best…it’s the one right under the ‘shoe shot’ above…i love that one too…it looks like a single frame of the most romantic golden-cinema movie that you’ve never seen…i absolutely LOVE it…

    itan’s favorite is the the black and white one where i’m leaning off the back of the train. he loves it. he wants to make a poster out of it. (if he could he would probably make wallpaper out of it and use it on every wall of our house…) seriously. he loves it. that much.

    i could probably go through and tell you what i love about every single photo that you’ve posted…how you guys got that look that my older brother gives when he’s saying something smart-alec-y as he gave his speech, and how it makes me want to cry whenever i get to that part; bailey’s face when that ‘jonas brothers’ song came on; one of my god sons on his daddy’s shoulders; my dad walking me down the aisle; my mom holding my brother’s hand during the ceremony; james and itan and itan’s friend justin laughing as they are getting ready; itan’s sister laughing at the end of a row of stoic groomsmen; itan’s mom, the only one standing up as we’re about to have our first dance (you couldn’t hold her down!); itan and his dad dancing, celebrating…

    nine hundred pictures sounds like a MOUNTAIN of images, but they go by remarkably fast; and to sum up a whole day’s worth of events, with his friends and family, and my friends and family; i mean, everyone we love; to sum that up, so that it feels like we’ve re-lived it every time we look through them…i wouldn’t have believed that it was possible. to fit that much emotion, that much love, that much family, that much happiness, and that much celebration into ANY number of photos…it seems impossible…it seems like it would have taken steven spielberg and martin scorcese and four or five different film crews shooting non-stop footage for twelve straight hours to give me that feeling again…

    and yet, you guys did it…and not with moving film (22 frames a second)…nope, you guys are like the emily dickinson of photography…find the essence of the day, boiled down to the most basic reality, and just say that…don’t use two-hundred words when you could use twenty…

    ya’ll really captured the essence of our wedding, and us, as people who love one another, and love our families (family!), and love our friends, and really, really, REALLY love to dance!

    thank you.

    (clearly i’m no emily dickinson…i use 800 words instead of 20!)

    but it boils down to this:

    thank you.

    you’ve given itan and i the most beautiful day of our lives together (so far!), in a palpable form that we can look at and relive, and share with everyone we care about.

    thank you.

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