Meredith & Chris | Georgian Terrace | Atlanta, GA

I fell in love with Meredith the moment I found out she was a librarian.  I mean… sold. Right?  Next I discovered, through random chit-chat, that she and her fiancée Chris had both gone to college with my sisters, and that several of their mutual friends would be at the wedding.  And THEN, on the wedding day, she shared her dream of one day opening a private library specifically for cat-lovers, where cats would be welcome, and if you don’t have your own cat, you can borrow one.  (STOP IT!)  So, all in all, both Erin and I wound up feeling like we’d known Meredith all along, and we were MEANT to photograph her wedding.  Chris: you are one lucky man.

Ceremony: First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta
Reception and Catering: The Georgian Terrace
Dress: Rivini
Paperie: The Paper Source
Hair & Makeup: Molly Walsh
Coordinator: June Cuba
Flowers: Erin Faulkner
Cake: Frosted Pumpkin
Band: Flavor
My Super-Terrific, Can’t-Live-Without-Her, Second Shooter: Erin Schopf

I don’t know Meredith well, but from what I do know about her, I can tell you that this picture is very Meredith.  Adorable.

I love these photos Erin made of Meredith’s Rivini wedding gown:

Chris’s sister, checking his shave…

First look…

Siblings and parents…

Guests arriving…

Counting down…

Molly Walsh did an insane job on Meredith’s hair and makeup.  I love working with this talented hair and makeup artist!

Finishing touches…

I love the following two shots, because they showcase so perfectly the advantage of having two photographers present.  The above images were so important to the story, but I knew I could never run up the stairs to the balcony fast enough to get a good overhead shot of Meredith entering with her dad.  Thankfully, while I was capturing their entrance from the ground level, Erin was making an incredible image from above…

Meredith’s beautiful sister:

A DIY macro shot of the rings:

Yummy salads and a TO. DIE. FOR. pasta bar. Really. I ate some. Delicious!

I love this pictures because… crazy.


This wedding was brought to you by:

(Anne & Erin)

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  1. That dress is totally gorgeous, and I’m an officiant so I see a lot of wedding dresses. Love it. Beautiful pictures. There is something about the lighting or something that gives the pictures a different, almost retro feel. It looks like such a happy occasion.

  2. I love all the pictures so far! Awesome job Anne and Erin! I can’t wait to see the rest!

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