Merry Merry

“Opting out of social norms.” That’s what my husband calls it. Like wearing flip-flops to a formal wedding, or calling an acquaintance at 2am to chat, or bailing on Christmas with your family. Which is what we did this year. We skipped out on all the traditions. No gifts – not even for each other. Instead we rented a cabin up in Blue Ridge and hid from the world for a week. We watched movies and soaked in the hot tub. We ate entirely too much food and I finally finished Silent Age. We took morning naps and afternoon naps and sometimes evening naps just because we could. We ate more food. We also almost drove off a cliff, but that’s another story and Dan would tell it differently.

We didn’t forget about family altogether, though. The Saturday before Christmas we trekked the hour south to my parents’ and celebrated the holiday and my nephew Holland’s 4th birthday. There are a lot of really important people missing from these photos, like my uncle’s partner, and my sister-in-law, and my precious niece Lilly. Sorry, loves. This is what happens when your photographer has had too much pumpkin pie.


My fur-niece Cinderella was the star of the show. I’m gonna estimate that 60% of my photos are of her. But look at that face! Can you blame me?


My dad with his grand-dogger…


Holland and Corbin with their great-grandpa. He’s 90.


Corbin played Sorry!, which didn’t quite go his way…


My Uncle Jon, Grandpa George, and my dad. There’s another brother missing here, and of course my grandmother. I’ve had two dreams about her recently, alive and young and healthy and hilarious. I miss her.


“Smile real,” I told Corbin. Holland told me, “If the dog ate me I would taste like hair. My hair is very big.”


Holland and my dad spent about 10 minutes fake-laughing together, which would occasionally transition into real laughing. Then my mom took over, tickling and cuddling my new favorite 4-year-old. The crazy part about that photo of my mom and Ha? Corbin took it. He’s EIGHT. He kept begging to use my camera, and I very seriously sat him down and gave him The Talk about being responsible and careful and “don’t run while you’re holding this.” Then he goes and takes this gorgeous photo of his Nana and little brother. It’s not tack-sharp, but it makes me so happy.


My favorite picture of Holland and his Papa.


Then it was time to pack and drive north. North Georgia’s mountains have nothing on, say, Colorado. But they’re hills, nonetheless. And we hunkered down in this beautiful little cabin, just the two of us.

2014-almasy-christmas-110 2014-almasy-christmas-111 2014-almasy-christmas-112

Self-portrait. Because.

2014-almasy-christmas-113 2014-almasy-christmas-114 2014-almasy-christmas-115

I came home to this awesome surprise from my friends over at ShootProof. They’re who I use for sharing photos with clients. And they rock my socks off.


Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and a BEAUTIFUL New Year to everyone! 2014 blew my mind, kicked my ass, and made me so grateful to be alive. Bring it on, 2015! Je suis pret!

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  1. Sounds like a great Non-Christmas-but-Christmassy thing to me :)
    And I really like those family pictures. It’s cool to share the love.

    Definetely, a great way to end the year :)

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