Minishoot: The Penguinos

What better way to start off my weekday Mini Shoots than to share the session with my adorable Godson and his fabulous parents? Can’t think of one! Here are a few shots of one of my favorite families on the planet…

I love you, Penguinos!


  1. I am amazed. Seriously. You capture not just the moment, but the essence of our souls! I’m all teary eyed!

  2. Anne, you are truly an awesome artist! Considering how hard our little one tried to hide his smile, you still managed to capture his personality so beautifully. Absolutely love the vibrancy you captured in these photos as well as the classic black and white edits. Thank you so much for photographing our family and for being such a caring Godmother, not to mention all around great person!

  3. I LOVE the one where Jax is doing the “Rock on” fingers….

  4. Anne, again, you have outdone yourself! These photos will make anybody who sees them smile, bringing joy to their hearts.

  5. These are the bestest super awesomest! You rock my missmatched socks off Anne!

  6. AMAZING!!!! i love all of these pictures, absolutely PERFECT! what a beautiful family, and now they have pictures to match!

  7. these are so darling! I especially love the ones with the tree. it’s a (wink wink) family tree ;o) lol

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