Rae & Daniel | Backlot & Downtown | Hampton, GA

This is literally the very first photo on my card, the photo I took right after I told Rae and Daniel, “Just relax, I’m only testing the light.”  Only five minutes before, in the car, Rae had insisted, “I’m nervous.  I look bad in pictures.”  And to that I say: Shut up, Rae. You’re stunning.

I feel okay telling Rae to shut up, because she’s marrying my friend Daniel, who I’ve known since… well, since forever.  Daniel’s family, not in blood but in spirit.  And I’m beyond excited that the girl he told me about a couple years back, the girl he said was “probably too good” for him, the girl who was “beautiful and smart and nerdy and funny” — that girl said yes to being Daniel’s wife.

So now I’m making engagement pictures for the kid who played guitar at my wedding almost ten (!!!) year ago.  Good lord…  I love you two!

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