The Westin Boston Waterfront

FUN FUN FUN! I got to travel to Boston to create images for a cookbook being published by The Westin Boston Waterfront hotel.   My sister Katie began working there a couple months back, and when this cookbook project fell into her lap, she asked me to submit a bid for the photography.

2-day photo shoot + visit with my sis in Boston = yes please!

Not only did I get the job of creating the photographs, but Dan will be designing the cookbook!

The hotel staff wear these name badges that also share the individual’s “passion” — cool idea, huh?  Well, Katie’s idea was to use an image like this one for the cookbook cover.  Not sure if this will wind up as the cover, but I love the idea anyway!

The cookbook will include recipes for a number of sauces.  These are some of the ingredients.

Over the 3 days I was in Boston, I spent some time documenting the Westin kitchen at work.  If you’ve ever shot (or worked) in an active commercial kitchen, you know how crazy it can get in there!  I loved the challenge of creating interesting images that captured the vibe of the kitchen, all while avoiding the grit and grease that naturally come with the territory.  

 Sauciety is the hotel’s scrumptious restaurant. (If you’re in the Boston area, stop by and order the fries with whiskey ketchup. YUM!)

Chef Nicholas.

Crab cake.

Lobster mustache.  (What else would you call it?!?)

The Westin’s lobby is WONDERFUL.  Wide open spaces, warm stone floors, and dried birch trees filling the room.

Back in the kitchen…

Chef Lucien.  

Three chowders.

I was kind of obsessed with these throw pillows…

Chef Cedric.

*Drool.*  Cedric’s desserts are to die for!

Chef Roy and Chef Brian.

Who does that with their bacon?  Really?  Love it.

The team.

Big, fat THANKS to the incredible folks at The Westin who made me feel SO welcome, and gave me so many beautiful dishes to photograph!

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