Through A Glass Darkly

I think that being A Professional is simply knowing how to work with whatcha got. Sometimes I’m A TOTAL Professional. Other times I’m like a freaked out little squirrel running around in traffic. But I feel pretty Professional about the images I made for Lena & George (plus kid, plus kid-in-utero).

Rain was forecasted for our shoot day, so I suggested that we shoot in their new house – “Yeah, the one you haven’t moved into yet. The totally empty house. Yup. The one without even a roll of toilet paper in the bathroom.”

The sweet thing about this house is that it was built in 1920-somthing, so it has some unusual architectural details, like worn mirrors over the fireplaces and odd little interior windows and art deco-esque light fixtures. The cherry on top was the sun that defied all forecasts and shone warm and bright through the uncovered windows and into the big, open rooms.

lena-1002 lena-1003 lena-1004 lena-1005 lena-1006 lena-1007 lena-1008 lena-1009

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