Zack Arias & Bernard Brand

Photographing men terrifies me.

Not in an “I’m afraid you may kill me” sort of way (though, as Louis C.K. points out, it’s not entirely impossible), but mostly in a “you don’t have boobs so WUT” sort of way.

I LOVE photographing women. I love their lines and angles and curves. I know exactly how to interact with a woman who’s in front of my camera. I have no clue what to do with a man. (I’ve basically been faking it for a decade – sorry to disappoint.)

So it was extra-terrifying to photograph two men whose talents inspire and intimidate me. But they were there, and we all had cameras, and it would have been a complete waste of opportunity for me to not at least try.

My solution when I’m nervous? Put everyone in a costume. (Thanks for being troopers, guys.)

101-zack-arias-bernard-brand-atlanta 102-zack-arias-bernard-brand-atlanta 103-zack-arias-bernard-brand-atlanta

Both Zack and Bernard photographed me that day, too (respectively, below). It’s been a REALLY long time since I’ve sat in a studio for a portrait, and it was a huge honor to be photographed by friends whose art is so inspiring for me. Zack’s shot also gave me a new respect for men who wear suits and ties every day. That sh*t is not comfortable.


It was around this time that a dude started banging on the window because he thought we were outside stealing his copper pipe. “Oops”, and “no, we weren’t.”

105-zack-arias-bernard-brand-atlanta 106-zack-arias-bernard-brand-atlanta 107-zack-arias-bernard-brand-atlanta

Bernard and Dan and I spent the afternoon playing with a projector, a fan, and about 10 yards of plastic sheeting. For these, I used a modeling light as fill, and backlit Bernard with the projector.

108-zack-arias-bernard-brand-atlanta 109-zack-arias-bernard-brand-atlanta 110-zack-arias-bernard-brand-atlanta 111-zack-arias-bernard-brand-atlantaXO

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  1. Hey Anne these are great photos I love the candidness of them. It really captures their personality. Keep up the great work hun!

  2. Hi Anne,

    I don’t know you personally but I’m updating myself on a daily basis to see what Bernard is up to. Your pictures are a work of art (in my humble opinion). Enjoy what you love doing most.

    Bernard’s mom

  3. Hi Anne,

    I see your guest blog and I just wanted to tell you I appreciate your writing. The portrait of Zack with the scarf is awesome. I think you captured the man with the perfect expression. Great job!

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