Caro & Andy | Soto Zen Center | Rooftop 866 | Atlanta, GA

This wedding was full of firsts for me: my first Zen Buddhist ceremony, my first tea-length wedding dress, my first reception at the Renaissance, my first time squeezing a bride, groom, maid of honor, AND my second photographer into my little VW Rabbit and chauffeuring them all across town. They were all wonderful, happy-making, photo-fabulous firsts, and I’m so happy I was Caro & Andy’s photographer! Special thanks to my right-hand-woman, Erin Schopf, for her amazing coverage of the guys getting ready, and for the terrific images she contributed throughout the day.

Sometimes, I’m also the chauffeur.

A framed print of Caro’s grandparents, then Caro & Andy.

Ceremony: Atlanta Soto Zen Center
Reception: Rooftop 866 at the Renaissance Atlanta Midtown Hotel
Bride’s Dress & Groom’s Suit: Ted Baker
Paperie: Minted
Flowers: Candler Park Flowers
Catering: Rooftop 866

And photographed by:

(Anne & Erin)

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  1. The response I’ve received from friends and family in the single day since you posted these has been unanimous: “WOW”. So I thought I ought share what people thought about yours and Erin’s work:

    “WOW! I have never seen such stunning wedding pictures. Your pictures look like they are part of an upscale magazine. Your photographer did a spectacular job, and it looks as though your wedding and reception was absolutely beautiful. I know it was a day you will remember always.”


    “Just went through all the pictures while talking to Grandma. WOW! THEY ARE FANTASTIC!!!!! Can’t wait to see the rest!”

    “These really are beautiful.”

    “Caroline got all my “these are gorgeous” comments this morning. I just looked through them all to the end as I ate lunch, and I must say … this photographer was phenomenal. Your whole affair looks magazine quality. May I share the link? I can’t wait to see them all.”

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