Casual: Lauren + Mike

We photographed Lauren and Mike’s wedding WAY back in 2007. Well, it feels like more than 2 years have passed…! Anyway, Lauren and Mike have been instrumental in referring, oh, at least half of the couples with whom we’ve worked over the past couple of years! Seriously, these two know everyone! The least we could to to thank them for being such huge fans was to take them out for some anniversary photos…

The timing was perfect, too, because Lauren was actually in need of some personal photographs for her business’s website. Mike wasn’t too keen on being over-photographed, so Lauren got a mini fashion shoot of her own and we just dragged Mike in for a few shots. :)

If you haven’t already discovered her, you MUST check out Lauren’s fashion blog, Edit! Lauren provides style advice and shopping assistance to men, women, and children all over the country! I’m so excited to see her creativity thriving!

As it turns out, the day wound up being less about photos and more about having an amazing time with an amazing couple! We’re so grateful for the people we get to meet in the course of our work, and Lauren and Mike are no exception. We knew they were awesome, but spending last Thursday with them was truly the icing on the cake. I think we hung out for… 7 hours? Really!?  You guys are the best!


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