Engaged! Melissa + Tony

Tony and Melissa’s long-time, long-distance relationship sounded so much like our own journey, we couldn’t help but connect with them in a big way!  Tony is only recently a Georgia resident, having let his native Minnesota and a successful rock band to be here with the love of his life. Melissa is an in-demand stylist at Bob Steele Salon (thank you for sending her our way, Elli!) — which explains that truly gorgeous hair she has goin’ on!

This vine-covered wall seemed like proof-positive that spring is on it’s way!  

You definitely wouldn’t know it by looking at these photos, but we were shooting just a few feet from a traffic-packed Dekalb Ave, and it was LOUD!!!!  We basically just had to trust Melissa and Tony to do their thing and look awesome, because they sure couldn’t hear us over the roar of the cars.

We’ve been searching for a new overgrown lot to shoot in since our favorite one was recently  mowed down.  :(  The spot we found on Tuesday DID have a big “No Trespassing: DOT Property” sign, but we figured it didn’t really mean us.  Right?

Love the overgrown railroad tracks!

A little bit of flash action…

Melissa’s expression here is just adorable!

Last shot of the day… reminder of the previous day’s storm.

Melissa and Tony, you guys are the BEST!  We don’t know how we’re gonna wait another 9 months for your wedding!  :D

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  1. you are totally correct, photographers are exempt from the “No Trespassing: DOT Property” signs. just watch out for the “beware of dog” signs! nice session dan + anne!

  2. WOW! Looks like you guys found a new AWESOME overgrown lot! Beautiful as always :) (subjects are pretty darn good looking too!)

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