Engaged! Ollie + Brandon

We got to meet Ollie and Brandon for the first time EVER on Monday!  They got to our loft at 2pm, and we seriously couldn’t believe it when Ollie looked at her watch and gasped, “It’s 6 o’clock!”  Four hours?!?  Wow.  (Ollie and Brandon, we promise we weren’t trying to kidnap you!)  Of course, since they live all the way in Seattle we had to make the most of it — we probably won’t see them again until their wedding day!

Just a teensy portion of those 4 hours was spent making some photographs of the couple — a “mini” E-Shoot if you will.  :)

It seems like all of our favorite urban-wild locations are being mowed down or built over, so we were happy recently to discover this abandoned warehouse just around the corner.

Ollie’s ring…

Thank you guys SO much for sharing so much of your time with us!  We had a blast with you two, and we can’t wait for May!


  1. We are so looking forwards to the wedding! Congratulations, Mazel Tov, and Welcome to the Tribe, Ollie! From Pam and Alec and Max

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