Engaged! Pauline + Garry

We visited Washington, D.C. for the first time EVER to meet Pauline and Garry! We’re photographing their wedding in D.C. in September, and we thought it was only fitting to do their E-Shoot there, too. Pauline and Garry were guests at Whitney and Kevin’s wedding in 2007, but we had never actually met them. Of course, they were AWESOME, shuttling us around the city, showing us all the key landmarks, and really getting us excited for the BIG celebration in the fall!

This first shot was taken at the church where their ceremony will take place…

Anne: While I was shooting at the Lincoln Memorial, a security guard approached and asked if I was a commercial photographer.  I was really scared that he would tell me I had to stop taking pictures, but I told the guard that I was just there taking a couple’s engagement photos, and he let us continue.  *Whew!*

Georgetown was just as adorable as everyone said it would be!  I only wish the metro stopped there.  C’mon, D.C.!  Get on that!

Pauline and Garry, THANK YOU for taking such good care of us in D.C.!  We seriously can NOT wait to be back in September!  Your wedding is going to be flipping AMAZING, and we know we’ll have a blast with you — all over again!  


  1. woohoo! so fun to see the almasys shooting in my city! so glad you had a good time – love the photos! i should have warned you about our “mall” cops – they love to hassle photogs, but the monuments are totally fair game!! :)

  2. Anne + Dan,
    we LOVE the pictures! thank you so much for coming all the way to DC to see us! We walked those streets in Georgetown many times and never noticed the colors or the beauty of the neighborhoods you captured in the photos. We had a great time with you and cant wait to see you again here in September!

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