Ricci + Jacquelyn

When I found out that my sister’s Chi-O sis Ricci had gotten engaged, I knew immediately that I wanted to take her engagement photos! She and Jacquelyn were on board, but they were both COMPLETELY nervous! To take the edge off, we stopped at Grant Park’s Dakota Blue for some cheese-covered tater tots (YUM!) and a couple of drinks before we started any picture-taking. I snuck behind the bar for this series of the girls taking a couple Lemondrop shots:

On to the park! They may have felt nervous, but Ricci and Jac were also super-smiley and so FUN to hang out with!

Jacquelyn proposed to Ricci, but Ricci plans to reciprocate with a fancy-schmancy ring for Jac as well.  In the meantime, she’s wearing an adorable plastic band that Ricci gave her when they were first dating.

This is my favorite:

While we were out, my sister Katie called!  Of course she had to talk to Ricci:


Ricci and Jac, thank you SO MUCH for letting me photograph you!  You are so wonderful together, and I know you have years and years of laughter and happiness ahead of you!  {{HUGS!}}


  1. These pics are amazing ! So happy for both of you … lovely Hallmark moments…

  2. First of all, HELLO these ladies are beautiful :) And they’re obviously so full of love for each other. Beautiful work, guys, as always.

  3. Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts for the time you spent with us. You are truly an amazing artist, person, and friend. We will always cherish these moments you captured. Much love Anne!!

  4. oh my goodness! all of these pictures are beautiful!…but my favorite is the black and white one of the happy couple sitting in the grass, just absolutely PERFECT!!!!

  5. Ahh Ricci! Congrats to you both!!!!!!!! The pictures are absolutly beautiful!!

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