Engaged! Tera + Brett

Big thanks to JONI and TIFFANY for sending Tera and Brett our way!

They’re getting married in October, and it’s going to be FUN FUN FUN, with a totally new venue (for us) and lots of personal touches (from them). :)

They both mountain bike, so we had to include their bikes in some photos…

I like that they’re laying down in the foreground, and their bikes are laying down in the background.

We did not spray paint the wall.  It had already been done for us.  Oh Atlanta… how I love you!

Tera and Brett, thanks for coming out on a super-hot August evening for pictures!


  1. Love the work that you guys do, Anne! Can’t wait until I have an engagement/wedding for you to come out and photograph! =)

  2. wow! These are adorable. Thanks so much, Anne and Dan! You made us look like rockstars. This makes me even more psyched for the wedding pics :)

  3. Nice job! Very creative. My favorite part is getting to tell people the stories behind some of these photos. “So this photographer… he wanted one shot so bad that he ripped a nailed down board right out of a wall with his bare hands!”

  4. Fantastic! (as usual) LOVE the feet shot (with the parking line) and the night shot of the kiss! You guys rock and are a constant inspiration to me and so many!

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