Yasmin & Alan | The Atrium | Norcross, GA

You’d think that, when it comes to weddings, I’ve seen it all by now. 2013 is proving otherwise, however, with so many fun, creative couples inviting me to celebrate with them! Or maybe I’ve just been rejuvenated, and I’m seeing things through new eyes. Regardless, Yasmin and Alan’s wedding brought me several firsts: my first time at The Atrium, for one. If you want an outdoor celebration with a rain plan you can truly fall in love with, The Atrium would be my pick! Between the beautiful garden and massive ballroom windows, you really can’t go wrong! Yas was also my first bride to decorate with balloons! She’s one of the classiest ladies I’ve ever met, with a killer sense of style and a huge heart — an awesome fit for her equally stylish and sweet new husband!

Yas and Alan, I can’t thank you two enough for welcoming me into your lives! I’ve been so honored to get to know you over the past year — taking the last pictures of your sweet kitty, meeting your wonderful friends and family, sharing in one of the most special celebrations of your lives… This city is a better place because the two of you are in it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! OXO – Anne

Ceremony & Reception: The Atrium, Norcross, Georgia
Yasmin’s Dress: Allure
Yasmin’s Accessories: Alexis Bittar
Alan’s Jacket & Accessories: Robert Talbot
Paperie: Minted
Hair & Makeup: Brushworx
Cake: For Goodness Cake
Catering: A Divine Event
Spanish Guitar: Daniel Aguilera
DJ: Black Tie Events
Minister: Dr. Thomas Green
My Lovely Assistant: Laura Barnes

Laura snagged this shot — THE CUTEST!!!

I was so moved by this little junior bridesmaid’s emotion after the ceremony!  It’s so wonderful for kiddos to get to experience all the chaos and joy and beauty that a wedding day embodies!

Yas & Alan’s families:

One the left is Alan’s mom’s hand; on the right is Yas’s hand. They both reached out and touched Alan for just 2 or 3 seconds. I love this so much!

Yas learning how to Dougie…

This wedding was brought to you by:

(Anne & Laura)


  1. Wow!! What amazing pictures and memories!! Thank thank you Anne!! We can’t wait to keep sharing great memories with you! XOXO!

  2. Beautiful shots and an amazing couple. Love y’all! Thank you, Anne, for capturing the best parts of the day! I especially love the shots of Yas learning to Dougie!

  3. Just beautiful. Your photos make you feel that we are right there with you. I,m am glad you loved your custom wedding signs. Thank you for your business.

    Tamara Smith

  4. Anne! The pictures truly capture the spirit of the day!! You did an amazing job ! We love you so much!!

  5. WOW…amazing photos Anne! “IF” I ever get married, I’ll be calling ya to snap some photos…but that’s an extremely questionable IF….hahaha!!

  6. 1041 (square ceremony shot) is literally the most perfect wedding photo I’ve ever seen.

  7. What a beautiful day and gorgeous couple! All of the love that was shared that day with everyone and by everyone really comes through in the pictures….so happy for you both!

  8. Anne, the photo’s of Alan and Yasmin’s wedding are very impressive. You have created many beautiful memories for our family.

  9. What a beautiful, elegant wedding! Thank you for sharing the pictures. I wish you both the best!

    Vasso Karpouzie

  10. Hi Anne!! For some reason the pictures from 2012 and 2013 are not loading online. :(

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